What is a smartphone?

Smartphones are mobile devices and include:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Android smartphones

What platforms do you develop Apps for?

Currently we develop Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

What are the benefits of developing an App for my town centre or region?

Given the amount of traffic on smartphones, your local council, business improvement district or association should take advantage of the two-way conversations you can now enjoy with your visitors. And statistics and polls show that mobile activity continues to increase in almost every area – app downloads, usage, mobile web browsing, mobile purchasing – so the mobile first world is fast-becoming a reality.

Our Apps are designed to enhance visitor exploration and therefore better support your local businesses and attractions.

What benefit does my Organisation receive in deploying town centre apps?

  • Your corporate branding included within the App
  • Be your community leader in embracing must have technology
  • Support and facilitate village development programs which contribute to vibrant and commercially viable village centres
  • Strengthen and sustain small business
  • Promote the App as part of your place management and/or tourism activities
  • Provide an enhanced and dynamic experience for visitors and locals
  • Receive monthly analytic reporting for sharing with Councillors or the Board

We don't have an existing website for our Town.

Our Team are also exceptional website developers, so ask us for a quote.

I really want an App for my town, but don't have time to put information together.

We have a team of Information Finders and Checkers to collate the information needed for your App. However, any information you have on hand, is always appreciated.

We can also assist you in collating information and special offers from your local businesses.

How do our local businesses and attractions advertise in the App?

We provide you with the communication tools for you to distribute to your local businesses. This includes an online sign up form to collect all their details for publication within the App.

How is the content in the App collected and maintained?

To speed up the process, we do ask you to share any information you may have on attractions, community groups and more. However, our team do undertake all the research required to obtain the information.

On completion of the development, you will be given access to your own easy to use content management system (CMS) to update your Apps. A detailed user manual is provided.

How does a native app go beyond a HTML5 mobile website?

Apps enable your business to stand out from your competition by creating enhanced end-user experience by enabling options for engagement and marketing.

Do I need an App Store or GooglePlay developer licence?

We hold Apple and Google developer accounts and submit your App to GooglePlay under our developer account.

What is the duration of the contract?

The minimum contract term is 12 months. After this time, you can cancel your account at anytime.

How do I send push messages?

We provide you with a client portal to issue push messages via desktop or an iPhone/iPad.

Every individual message must comply with Apple Store and GooglePlay’s terms of use.

What promotional support to you provide?

We appreciate how busy you and your local businesses are, so we provide all the key marketing tools to launch your Apps – for FREE!